How to Scrape Images from Google

In my last post, I tried to train a deep neural net to detect brand logos in images. For that, I downloaded the Flickr27-dataset, containing 270 images of 27 different brands. As this dataset is rather small I turned to google image search and wrote a small R script to download the first 20 images for each search term.

In order to use the script you need to download phantomJS and create a small Javascript file. (See the Gist-file at the end of this post.) If you have the phantomJS.exe, the small JS-file and the R-file in one folder, you just need to run the following lines to download the images …

gg <- scrapeJSSite(searchTerm = "adidas+logo")
downloadImages(as.character(gg$images), i)


Good luck scraping some images from Google. I will use the script to enhance the brand logo dataset, hopefully improving my model with some better image data.

Written on July 10, 2017